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Kitchen Bath Furniture
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Get the Kitchen you've always dreamed of
- in less time than a full remodel.

Professional cabinet Refinishing/
refacing from Refinishing Done Right
will make your kitchen look like new.
And we'll do it in days, not months.

Our cabinet Refinishing/Refacing consultant
will help you choose the perfect cabinet style,
hardware and accessories for your kitchen.
Our professional installation crew will then
replace your cabinet doors, drawer fronts
and hardware, giving your tired,
old kitchen a fresh up-to-date look.



What seperates us from the rest ?
Our Commitment to excellence, too bringing out
the true beauty of Wood. We offer and specialize
in custom colors that our techs will work one on one
with to get the the color and finish you desire.
Anything you can dream up, we can turn into a reality.
Give us a call for your free consultation and written estimate.


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